The send.WORX booking backend with your look for your customers. Create order clarity and provide your dispatchers with time to focus on growth-promoting new tasks for your company.

Permit your customers to place an order easily and quickly. This is no problem with our customer module send.BOOK. Avoid sources of error by having your customer record their freight orders directly in your send.WORX. This makes the work easier for customers and also for your dispatchers.

In order that your booking interface is perceived as representing your company, the entire booking area is in a neutral design. With the integrated header which you can design as you wish, your customer is always aware that he is dealing with your company. send.BOOK is not only added value for your company in the daily working process, but also raises awareness amongst your customers.

Everything your dispatchers normally need to record in send-WORX when taking orders on the telephone can be done for you by your customers. This starts with the creation of the master data via the tour planning for consolidated trips via the tracking of freight and its handover, right up to access to all invoices. Personalised access means that each person can only view and use the functions for their own area. Here in particular, all security provisions are maintained.

Three convincing arguments for send.BOOK:
1. The avoidance of errors in the transfer of data
2. Your order acceptance is open around the clock
3. You provide your employees with time to focus on special orders and you achieve higher customer and employee satisfaction.