Shipping software with App

send.WORX is your new, modern transportion cloud solution.
With send.WORX, you can work quickly and efficiently, organise your transports, bill these to your customers and post them to your company.

Orders capture with the messenger software

Recording and managing orders, planning, preparing tours, billing orders for direct driver settlement, creating orders and managing them, internal full-text search and interfaces for your tax advisor and bank are the core functions. But send.WORX can do more than that. Experience the convenience and ease of working with send.WORX. You can test the full version completely free of charge for 14 days. Simply register.

forwarding program for the disposition

If you do not use our customer module send.BOOK, your dispatchers will simply accept the transport order by telephone and enter it on a SINGLE screen. Your customer can be informed of the order status through e-mails. The retention of older contact addresses in your customer’s history means that there is no need to enter them each time . Using drag and drop, you simply switch the delivery and pick-up addresses. Short telephone times keep the lines free, and the customer can quickly and easily place their transport order with you. The dispatcher forwards the order directly to a suitable driver – either by telephone or more securely using our telematics system send.MOBILE.

Whether accumulative monthly invoices, 14-day, weekly or individual invoices. No problem, even if you have to change the interval, due to customer requirements, you can easily do this using send.WORX . Simply organise the offer, tours, invoices, reminders and driver invoices in a FILE in the manner most expedient for you and your project. In this virtual FILE, you can then find all the relevant information in one place.

Consignment notes, proforma invoices, CMR consignment notes, loading requests and arrival confirmations are no problem. Thanks to the connection with Dropbox, you can collect documents at any time and assign them outside of send.WORX directly to employees, customers and drivers or also to projects. All documents are then to be saved as PDFs and managed offline independently of sendOS.

Find any data easily and conveniently using the full-text search within send.WORX. The integrated search shows where the search term has been found. In this way you can quickly and reliably find what you are looking for, and continue your work.

With the integrated tariff assistant for your order calculations, create individual terms for customers and drivers. Even the most complex order calculation methods can be simply and comprehensibly laid out in this way. This way you can offer your customers tailored prices for tailored logistics solutions.