Telematics directly to your mobile phone

GPS tracking and data transfer to all mobile devices under Android for your drivers. Clear is better than unclear. Experience how pleasant and secure it is to work quietly.

 Signature transferred via mobile phone

With the permanent tracking of the telematics devices, your dispatcher can see the location of the drivers – whether they have unloaded or whether they can add another load, in particular, during traffic jams in core traffic time periods. Your driver simply receives their next order without having to interrupt their journey in the middle of traffic. Due to the recording of transfers with the digital signature of the sender and recipient, and the automatic transfer to send.WORX, your customer can also see directly in send.BOOK if and when their order has been carried out. This enables constant and sustainable tracking of the order chain without any gaps.

Telematics operation on your phone

Your drivers must concentrate on the traffic and the reliable delivery of their loaded goods. Why distract them from their work? The driver does not receive loud radio messages which anyone else can hear. In particular, when the driver is currently busy transferring the goods. The entire outward appearance is relaxed, discreet and quiet. Every recipient appreciates such deliveries.

Menu overview of the telematics functions

What happens if the order is initiated and the customer wishes to change something? Your dispatchers are happy to assist the customer on the telephone, and can then simply send a short message via send.WORX to the driver carrying out the order – and nothing can go wrong. Simple, clear and comprehensible.

Driving and rest periods in the telematics app

With the permanent data transmission from send.MOBILE, your dispatchers and drivers are able to see at any time in send.WORX whether a driver is available. No calculations, guesswork or enquiries are necessary. Your company becomes more reliable and therefore also more stable – everything is based on facts and not on assumptions which, in cases of doubt, have to be reworked and discussed. Be certain.